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Ability may get you to the top, but character keeps you there – mental, moral, and physical.


What a leader learns after you’ve learned it all counts most of all.


The star of the team is the team.  ‘We’ supersedes ‘me’.”

Personal comments:

The country is in mental, and moral decline, as indicated by, for example, declining SAT scores, and the breakdown of societal norms. The effect on leadership has been disastrous.  Character and integrity have taken a back seat to political and monetary gain.

For example, a group of citizens assembled to develop plans for a new recreation center in northern Michigan.  I accepted the responsibility of leading the group after the individual who thought of the idea moved out of town (another story that fits here).

After many discussions we realized we were missing a key ingredient; a facilitator with experience in organizing, strategizing, and developing a communication plan for local citizens.

I knew the perfect person for the job because he had developed an excellent program, similar to what we needed, for a company I worked for.   He agreed to meet with the group, and discuss details of our plan.

His presentation made sense to everyone in the room, until he got to the point where he said he couldn’t help us.  His reason, not shared with the group, was his monetary concern on his business.  The idea of a recreation center in the city was frowned upon by one powerful individual who had a different agenda.  It wasn’t a question about helping.  It was a question about how much “could” it affect his business profits.

This situation is not unique.  It is a common occurrence, seen in politicians, corporate board rooms, churches.  It is unfortunate that the true leaders of this country have decided to stay out of the fight.  We are leaderless in the true sense of the meaning, not the one dictionaries try to make it out to be.  I’ve talked about what it truly means in 161 posts (over 67,500 words).  If done correctly it will produce incredible results in morale, productivity, and satisfaction.

Wooden explains it well in simple terms in his definition of Skill.  Almost everyone I worked for never would have understood his definition.  A common retort was, “I know that”, which was far from the truth.

Wooden’s Team Spirit definition is another hard one for our society to understand.  Today, “we” is defined by many as, “what is in it for me”.  For a guy who has studied leadership since the 70’s it makes me cringe!

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