“Wisdom, Perception, Discipline, Commitment” personal stories

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I believe these are woven together since it takes all four of them to be an effective leader. Why? How can any of these be accomplished, successfully, without the other? As I said in my original posts, “It won’t take long before employees recognize something is missing in a leader’s relationship with them if one or more of these key attributes are not accepted, and practiced by their leader”.

Now I know that some think these attributes are not important, and that’s why colleges are selling “life coach” degrees to high school graduates…. I truly can’t imagine how that can work from the perspective of age, wisdom, perception, discipline and commitment, OF THE INSTRUCTOR.

My experiences with managers concerning these attributes are pitifully sad. They did not exhibit many, if any, of them. Their attributes the negative, self-centered ones; e.g., selfishness, CYA, Narcissism); things I’ve written about previously.

Most of us would think managers possess, and demonstrate these attributes. Unfortunately, most worked for managers who did not exhibit them, and, as the old adage goes, “monkey see, monkey do”. In a previous post I wrote about an employee who complained about her boss, but when this employee was promoted she exhibited the same behavior. Changing behavior sometimes requires a significant emotional event (another subject to be discussed at a later date).

“He is not only dull himself, he is the cause of dullness in others.” Samuel Johnson

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