The Extraordinary Leader, Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders


Personal comments:

Jack Zenger’s and Joseph Folkman’s book was published in 2002.  It focuses on methods to develop leaders from within an organization’s own ranks, key competencies (the ability to do something successfully or efficiently) that leaders must have, and practical steps in developing leadership skills.

Posts related will cover significant portions, but not the entire book.  It is a lengthy, and  would take a significant amount of time to cover in its entirety.  Those interested, in that much detail, will buy it.

The first post will cover, “The Complexity Of Defining And Describing Leadership Or Why The Mystery Exists”, but it will take several posts to cover the sixteen reasons given.

The next series of posts will cover, “The Leadership Tent” which addresses the book’s key competencies; Character, Focus on Results, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Capability, and Leading Organizational Change.

Some discussions are lengthy so sections will be brief to retain interest.  This book is an excellent resource for succession planning; large or small organizations.

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Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders

The Complexity Of Defining And Describing Leadership Or Why The Mystery Exists

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