The Extraordinary Leader, Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders, SIXTEEN BEHAVIORS (14. 15, 16), Final Post



“14. Developing strategic perspectives

High Performers:

-Know how work relates to the organization’s business strategy

-Translate the organization’s vision and objectives into challenging and meaningful goals for others

-Can take the long view; can be trusted to balance short-term and long-term needs of the organization

Poor performers:

-Get caught up in the “day-to-day” and fail to take a longer-term, broader perspective on business decisions

15. Championing change

High performers:

-Become champions for projects or programs, presenting them so that others support them

-Are effective marketers for work groups’ projects, programs or products

Poor performers:

-Tend to follow the lead of others in change efforts

16. Connect internal groups with the outside world

High performers:

-Have demonstrated ability to represent the work group to key groups outside the group/department
-Help people understand how meeting customer’s needs is central to the mission and goals of the organization

Poor performers:

-Make day-to-day decisions based on internal needs rather than the needs of customers

-Do not have a broad network outside their own work group

Final comments:

Revisiting good/bad memories over my career has been worthwhile.  Worthwhile since it helps me focus on those who made my career enjoyable.  There are too many to mention, but they will continue to reappear in my memories with fondness.  Wishing the same for you.


Author: maxbinkley

Creator of Leadership to the Max My experience in the military helped set the career path for me in human resources. After the military I worked for The Dow Chemical Company and left there in 1993 to venture out on my own. I purchased a small business, then a franchise then started another business in semi-retirement.

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