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In our research we found conclusive evidence that leaders with poor leadership skills generate poor results.  That finding will not come as a shock to anyone.  It is quite intuitive to anyone who has worked in an organization for more than a few weeks.  And our research is equally clear about the fact act good leaders trend to produce good results for their organizations.

What’s more, individuals do not need sophisticated measurement tools to tell the difference between good leaders and bad leaders.  They feel the difference.  they have experienced the effects at a very personal level.  In general, good leaders are more effective than bad leaders in almost every dimension, including customer service, and creating high levels of employee commitment.

In examining the relationship between leadership effectiveness and desirable outcomes, the consistent finding in all our research was the impact of the best and worst leaders on achieving bottom-line results.

-Leaders have a dramatic impact as they move from ‘bad’ to ‘good’.

-Poor leaders have an adverse impact on the groups they attempt to lead.

Personal comments:

I’ll continue to drive home the point that there are Extraordinary Leaders, but they are few and far between. Sometimes it takes time for the point to sink in, and sometimes it never does resulting in loss, personally and organizationally.

An example:

Recently a director of a local company retired.  This director would gave her employees the opportunity to work from home, when it was needed.  Not company policy, but she took the initiative to show employee commitment.

After her retirement the company rescinded that opportunity, and is now requiring that employees work in the office 5 days a week, 8 hours per day.  Employees who need the flexibility have begun resigning.  Those in suits decided they need to track the amount of work completed by each employee (workload, use of time).  Reasonable thought, but true leaders know there are much better ways of accomplishing this task by actually TALKING with employees about ideas they would have to help the company achieve their goal.  Again, those in suits believe they know so much more than those who actually do the work.  Give some a title, and they think they run the world….

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