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Forty-Five leadership topics have been posted to my blog. For the next few weeks I will be posting personal stories related to each of these topics, to help bring them to life. The first personal story is about trust, the all-illusive “valuable resource”.

Personal stories about Trust:

1) In Indianapolis I had a boss who withheld information to demonstrate control and power over her subordinates. In other words, “I know something you don’t”. This person was very good at it, and only told the “whole story” to “favorites”. When you are sleeping with the person you report to, as in this case, even more power and control exists. Fortunately I was able to get out of that situation by upsetting this boss so I could move on to a more pleasant environment.
2) In my last assignment I worked within a group of staff members who didn’t like the fact that I worked for a large chemical company at one time, saying, “what could I know about what this company does?” Since I had developed an effective, I thought, relationship with the boss certain staff members took it upon themselves to figure out the best way to get rid of me. What do you think they chose as their best way? Yes, trust. Can’t prove it; just have to say the word, and spread it around. There’s always support for ganging up on someone in the organization. In fact, when this bunch found out how successful they could be with “trust” they were able to remove another member of the staff after I left. My “effective” relationship with the boss really didn’t exist when trust was used as a hammer.

Personally I was very fortunate in both cases to get a new, fresh start in life. I find it important to look ahead, not back. There are so many opportunities to make a positive difference in peoples lives (my passion).

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