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This is a good one, full of many examples, but I won’t bore you with all of them:

There are so many people who think they are experts on human resources and leadership, and after listening to them it’s obvious they are not. Human Resource professionals are viewed by management as being a pair of hands (“do what I say, not what I do”).

One boss I had hired me to be the HR guy for the company, then daily, told me how to do it, when to do it, and how much to do. It took a while to get “some” relief from his approach (and I really liked the guy).

Many bosses felt superior to everyone else under their command. The Indianapolis example I cited in my last post is a good example of someone who used the phrase, “you are wrong” quite often as well as the infamous, “I’m better, I know more than you”.

I have two examples of staff members who liked to manipulate others by thinking, “if I don’t tell them the whole story I can get them to agree with me” (hidden motives experts). Unfortunately, he caught me several times in his “trap”, and his purpose was to make all other staff members look bad to the boss.

Another example is one about the boss whose mind was made up, and no matter what information, facts, or examples I gave him he would not change his mind. A very difficult situation I was glad to be rid of one day.

If you will re-read my post on how to communicate correctly (second posting) it will increase your credibility, and level of trust with your employees.

Quote: Bad managers can hold open forums for employees to voice concerns. They just don’t act on what they hear.

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