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I did not have space to complete my comments on the topic of Independent Will from my October 29 post, and will add them on this special edition. I will be traveling November 5 so my next post will be on November 12.

In the dialogue below, each paragraph begins with a quote from Covey, followed by my related comments:

“The ability to act rather than to be acted upon.”
–Discerning when to act is not enhanced by putting ourselves first. It is enhanced by using our endowments (self-awareness, imagination, independent will, and conscience).

“Empowerment comes from learning how to use this great endowment (Independent Will) in the decisions we make every day.”
–If independent will is not exercised it is easy for others to consider us to be compliant, uninvolved, uninterested, a ‘yes’ person, and worse. If we possess noble principles and values it is important that we use them to become engaged.

“Integrity is, fundamentally, the value we place on ourselves.”
–When we place this value on ourselves others recognize it. When we do not possess integrity that is also recognized.

“Effective management is putting first things first. While leadership decides what “first things” are, it is management that puts them first, day-by-day, moment-by-moment. Management is discipline, carrying it out.”
–Many are confused by the difference between management and leadership, but it must be clearly understood. Covey has stated it well. Surrounding ourselves with quality people, and listening to them makes the difference clearer. Remember, leaders are never “islands”, and they don’t flock. You find them one at a time.

“Discipline (used the wrong word in my October 29 post) derives from disciple—disciple to a philosophy, disciple to a set of principles, disciple to a set of values, disciple to an overriding purpose, to a super ordinate goal or a person who represents that goal.”
–A critical aspect of effectiveness. Disciple-ness cannot be overestimated.

“That subordination requires a purpose, a mission, a Habit 2 clear sense of direction and value, a burning ‘yes!’ inside that makes it possible to say ‘no’ to other things. It also requires independent will, the power to do something when you don’t want to do it, to be a function of your values rather than a function of the impulse or desire of any given moment. It’s the power to act with integrity to your proactive first creation.”
–This burning ‘yes’/passion’ is real. I feel it every time I talk about the human condition. For to me it is the basis for a society that elevates, and supports, instead of tearing down.

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