Leadership Behavior Model, Introduction

As with most training, if reinforcement, and follow-up training isn’t conducted, within 6 months the old patterns for working together emerge.  The CEO deserves most of the blame for the old patterns emerging.  It was obvious to others that he really never bought in to what the trainer was trying to instill in him, and his managers.  It was much easier for him to sit by the phone waiting on calls from board members because, as usually is the case, managers look up the organization instead of focusing on those who actually do the work, and need support as well as encouragement.  My boss, early in my career, was upset that I spent more time on employee matters than management issues, and he reminded me one day I would be carried out of the office on my shield with my sword stuck in my chest.  My response, “so be it!”

Leadership, if done correctly, is not a cakewalk to more money and recognition.  We have really good people who have sacrificed, but have at one point, decided not to sacrifice any longer.  The result is devastating for government, and organizations as we see good/great leaders choosing not to participate any longer, for a variety of reasons (I’ll cover some of them in future posts), but mainly because the system that made this country great is broken.

Leadership Behavior Model has six important qualities that demonstrate true leadership for this company.  Certainly more qualities exist, but this company chose Trust, Be Proactive, Empowerment, Leadership Styles, Win-Win, and Systems.

More to follow.

Next week I am moving, and I anticipate that posting on my blog will be unlikely.  I hope my next post will appear on Wednesday, July 8.

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