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Background information:

The company I worked for was in disarray due to a merger of two entities.  The CEO in the northern entity wanted to unify the two through improving leadership, teamwork, and a streamlined organization.  He was gregarious and fun-loving.  His counterpart, in the southern entity, was calculating, power-hungry, and the two clashed from the start.

Consequently their infighting disrupted the new organization in ways that were unexpected, and undesirable.  The new Board of Directors was incapable of dealing with the disruption.  Employees took sides, and the situation deteriorated.

Finally, after months of infighting, the Board met with the two CEOs and demanded that there be an end to it all.  As a result the CEOs decided to resign, and the CFO was chosen as CEO.

This was the beginning of problems that exist today.  The CFO wasn’t trained to be a CEO, nor trained to be a leader.  As I’ve written before, those promoted to “leadership” positions, without proper training and mentoring, use the “management skills”they learned from previous bosses.  That typically is not a good thing, and history repeated itself.

My entrance to the company was as expected and I was “depicted as an outsider, not from the industry, and what did I know that related to them”?  Since the southern CEO was the calculating type (as in undermining the new organization) my loyalty to the one who hired me was exploited.

Since  the new CEO was hired by the Board his focus was clearly on them, and not on the organization, and/or its employees.  With my background in interpersonal skills and leadership training I took the responsibility, when no one else would, to move the organization forward through personnel and leadership changes.  That usually didn’t mean firings, but meant focusing on abilities, and skills, of everyone.  In other words, it meant putting the right people in the right place on the organization chart.

As a result of my efforts, and the help of a professional trainer, the CEO agreed to gather the staff and develop the Leadership Behavior Model.

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