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Authors quotes:

“What we see and experience in today’s organizational landscape are cumbersome bureaucracies that more often than not betray the MISMANAGEMENT of meaning.  A ‘great idea’ is hatched.  Responsibility is delegated.  Then it is delegated again.  Then it is relegated.  By the time the ‘great idea’ is carried out it is like a thalidomide child with no parents—-certainly not what the leaders intended or anticipated.  This ‘Pinocchio effect’ is the bane of many creators who, like Geppetto, are confronted with distended, distorted versions of original plans.  Lack of clarity makes bureaucracies little more than mechanisms for the evasion of responsibility and guilt.

Communication creates meaning for people.  Or should.  It’s the only way any group, small or large, can become aligned behind the overarching goals of an organization.  Getting the message across unequivocally at every level is an absolute key.  Basically it is what the creative process is all about and what, once again, separates the manager from the leaders.”

Personal comments:

In my career I was criticized by some who felt that I communicated too much, that it wasn’t necessary and wasted time.  That would have been true if plans had not become, “distended, distorted versions of the original plans”.  If the plans were clear, if they had meaning, if the plans aligned with overarching goals, and strategies.  If the the bureaucracies had not muddied the clarity to avoid responsibility and guilt!!

Bennis and Nanus state the problems very well.  I saw, lived in it, and still see the same communication issues today.  It does not have to be “human nature”, but it does take a lot of work to get the process right.  When the process is right the effects are extremely positive for staff, employees, customers, and sometimes families, as I witnessed.

It is interesting that Bennis and Nanus agree with me on the importance of communication, and our next topic, trust.  Trust is at an all-time low for me, as well for millions of others.  I made it my number one issue when I started writing this blog, and I feel even more deeply about it today.  Those I trust are very dear to me, and I hold them in high esteem.  They make my world much easier to comprehend, and give me energy!

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