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Authors quotes:

“ ‘All men dream; but not equally.

Those who dream by night in the dusty

recesses of their minds

Awake to find that it was vanity:

But the dreamers of day are dangerous men,

That they may act their dreams with open

eyes to make it possible.’

T.E. Lawrence

Management of attention through vision is the creating of focus.  Leaders are the most results-oriented individuals in the world, and results get attention.  Their vision or intentions are compelling and pull people toward them.  Intensity coupled with commitment is magnetic.  And these intense personalities do not have to coerce people to pay attention; they are so intent on what they are doing that, like a child completely absorbed with creating a sand castle in a sandbox, they draw others in.

Vision grabs.  Initially it grabs the leader, and management of attention enables others also to get on the bandwagon.

But leadership is also a transaction, a transaction between leaders and followers.  Neither could exist without the other. So what we discovered is that leaders also pay attention as well as catch it.”

Personal quotes:

Vision with action does grab, and compel and pull, but vision without action is an exercise in futility as well as derision.  Evident by the put-downs in break rooms, shop floors and at meeting breaks.

If you remember Covey’s discussion on time management (November, 2104 post) what did happen was the discussion on vision and discussion most often was discarded to work on Quadrants III and IV:

*Quadrant III

Urgent and Not Important 

*Quadrant IV

Not Urgent and Not Important

The time wasters were in abundance, as I recall the CEO who sat by his phone waiting for a board member to call.

More on the vision discussion during the next post on Meaning Through Communication.

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