Leaders, The Strategies For Taking Charge, Recent experience with Bennis/Nanus Four Strategies in action

Leaders, The Strategies For Taking Charge, Recent experience with:

1) Attention Through Vision;

2) Meaning Through Communication;

3) Trust Through Positioning,

4) The Deployment of Self Through Positive Self-Regard

Personal comments:

I will avoid using names for this discussion, but my recent experience is one that began with my search for a home that would fit my needs, physically.  Having severely injured myself many years ago, causing loss of flexibility,  I needed a one story home with easy access.

The web was helpful in narrowing my options, and so one by one the list narrowed to one, the one who has a leader, I believe, who practices many of the elements written about in “Leaders”.

Four Strategies examples, in this leader, include:

-Discussing options with potential contractors left me frustrated because I did not know the right questions to ask, but this contractor read me well.  She sensed my frustrations, and gently allowed me to talk about my needs.

-In the ongoing communication I found this leader focused, focused on a vision for her company, and employees. She knew what she wanted and demonstrated the determination for success.

-Communication can be impactful, in so many ways, but one that influenced me the most  was her phone call to me while she was on vacation, riding in the car.  She  called to tell me she had combined two house plans that fit MY vision for a new home.  She was right, and it is the one being built.  Vision and communication; a great combination.

-She built trust by keeping her commitments, and when a question or concern was voiced she did not “fudge” an answer.  Straight forward responses are keys for personal and business/organizational success.  Trust is hard to define, but when I feel it, it’s real!

-She impressed me with her emotional wisdom and the ability to accept me as I am.  Concerns, issues and options were discussed without my feeling led or forced into a corner.

She is effective at talking, in the present, is courteous, and humble; a trait I particularly admire; not showing a need for approval or recognition, but focused on results.

Her abilities are easily recognized when you see the results of her vision, in the homes that are built, and in talks with customers, sub-contractors, and employees.

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Personal note: This ‘Next’ post may be delayed due to my moving in a week or so.

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  1. So glad you found the right contractor! It makes all the difference especially when you are not sure how to communicate your needs or unsure of the options. We’re excited for you and your next chapter.

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