Job Matching (matching skills, talent, enjoyment, passion)

Comparing job requirements with individuals’ knowledge/skills, talent, enjoyment, and passion are often overlooked. Two of the reasons are, one, the rush to fill a job, and, two, the “who is available?” mentality. My experience is that it happens more often than it should. Common sense should make this process a requirement.

Matching knowledge/skills

A list of knowledge and skills required of a customer service manager:

1. Requires in-depth knowledge of the Customer Services function. This knowledge is typically attained by a minimum of two years experience in the areas of call center, new services, and/or dispatch. Management background or degree preferred.
2. Requires a general working knowledge of the company function and all departments as they relate to one another. This knowledge is typically attained by a minimum of two years experience.
3. Requires in-depth knowledge and ability to fully operate the Customer Information System application(s) as related to the call center.
4. Requires a general working knowledge of computers and computer software. This knowledge is typically attained by six months experience.
5. Problem solving skills
6. Interpersonal skills
7. Organizational skills
8. Keyboarding skills
9. Ability to manage, lead and direct
10. Ability to teach, coach and mentor
11. Ability to communicate
12. Ability to work in a team environment
13. Ability to work under critical time deadlines and pressures
14. Ability to use 10-key calculator

There must be a match of knowledge/skills (leader and job) requiring proficiency in some and basic knowledge in others.

There must be a matching of talent

A special or creative talent matching job responsibilities; a natural ability or aptitude for the job; special ability (e.g., ability to multi-task effortlessly). You can see job enjoyment or pleasure in their eyes/behavior. It is someone who demonstrates special ability in a particular field or job.

Two examples:

My daughter had a very successful swimming career (Four high school state championships, and four MAC championships). I spent many hours sitting on benches watching her and her swim mates’. What made these swim teams champions was skill, ability, talent, competitiveness, and the love of winning

Currently I work with an individual who truly loves her job, and it is obvious when I observe her behavior. She exudes enthusiasm, creativity, and enjoyment. She is an excellent multi-tasker.

Enjoyment of the duties is essential

I’ve observed individuals’ promoted/assigned to a job they thought they wanted, then realized they had made a mistake. Three results of this mismatch: One, the individual suffered in silence, and as a result their team suffered. Two, the individual was deemed to be unsuitable, and was terminated. Three, the individual, and their boss, admitted to the mistake, and remedied it through reassignment/training.

As is passion

People perform at their best when contributing their talents to something they believe in. (David McNally)

A vision without a task is but a dream. A task without a vision is drudgery. A vision with a task is the hope of the world

Evermore people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for (Victor Frankl)

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Creator of Leadership to the Max My experience in the military helped set the career path for me in human resources. After the military I worked for The Dow Chemical Company and left there in 1993 to venture out on my own. I purchased a small business, then a franchise then started another business in semi-retirement.

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