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Remember that the Personality Ethic is illusory, deceptive and ineffective in obtaining quality results. I have very vivid memories, unfortunately, of bosses unable to grasp the sequential stages of growth and development idea, who expected high quality results, failed, and always found someone to blame (not themselves, of course).

One of their biggest problems was the inability to think through the Goal Setting process step by step (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Track-able), which I covered in an earlier post. That’s only part of what needs to be done to ensure quality results. Read previous posts, all of them, to get the idea of what it takes.

They also failed to talk with employees that would perform the work, to help determine what their issues/concerns/wants were concerning goal achievement. Without doing so negatively affected the quality they wanted. Some bosses, even if they heard the concerns, did not listen, listen effectively.

Quite often I would observe an employee (new or current employee) moving into a new job with little or no training on the job, no job description (which makes no sense at all), no goals, nor information on who to talk with to get the information they needed (coach/mentor).

No matter what area of development, there is a sequence to it. There are no shortcuts. The sequential stages of growth and development were violated time and time again. The more timid the employee, the more they thought something was wrong with them, and they became unhappy, and unmotivated. Poor performance resulted in dismissal, or the employee quit, as a result of management’s inability to understand their role in the problem.

Another result was that those employees who changed jobs and failed, who may have performed well in their previous job, missed the opportunity to succeed, which is an important point when considering the theme of the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

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Principles Of Growth and Change continued

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