Habit 5, Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood, Diagnose Before You Prescribe

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“Although it’s risky and hard, seek first to understand, or diagnose before you prescribe, is a correct principle manifest in many areas of life. It’s the mark of all true professionals. It’s critical for the optometrist, it’s critical for he physician. You wouldn’t have any confidence in a doctor’s prescription unless you had confidence in the diagnosis.

This principle is also true in sales, is fundamental to law, is also true in product design, engineering, and ….

Seek first to understand is a correct principle evident in all areas of life. It’s a generic, common denominator principle, but it has its greatest power in the area of interpersonal relations.”

Personal comments:

This short Covey quotes section gives me an opportunity to reflect on future posts.

I’ll finish Habit 5 and then cover the key elements of Habits 6 and 7.

After 7 Habits, the next series of posts will focus on, “Leadership Behavior Model”, a model that was developed by a management staff in a company I use to work for. It’s an interesting story of how difficult it is to move from words on paper to day-to-day reality. It is an important message to learn. I’ll cover the contents of the Model then relate experiences that demonstrate success, and why, and cover failures, and why.

During the period of time from May through summer there will be some lapses (I’ll be downstate) in my weekly schedule, but I will return to that schedule as quickly as possible.

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Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood
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