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“The objective of Quadrant II management is to manage our lives effectively—from a center of sound principles, from a knowledge of our personal mission, with a focus on the important as well as the urgent, and within the framework of maintaining a balance between increasing our production and increasing our production capability.

A Quadrant II organizer will need to meet six important criteria.

COHERENCE. Coherence suggests that there is a harmony, unity, and integrity between your vision and mission, your roles and goals, your priorities and plans, and your desires and discipline. In your planner, there should be a place for you personal mission statement so that you can constantly refer to it. There also needs to be a place for your roles and for both short- and long-term goals.

BALANCE. Your tool should help you to keep balance in your life, to identify your various roles and keep them right in front of you, so that you don’t neglect important areas such as your health, your family, professional preparation, or personal development.

QUADRANT II FOCUS. You need a tool that encourages you, motivates you, actually helps you spend the time you need in Quadrant II, to that you’re dealing with the prevention rather than prioritizing crises. In my opinion, the best way to so this is to organize your life on a weekly basis. You can still adapt and prioritize on a daily basis, but the fundamental thrust is organizing the week.

Organizing on a weekly basis provides much greater balance and context than daily planning.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

A ‘PEOPLE’ DIMENSION. You also need a tool that deals with people, not just schedules. While you can think in terms of efficiency in dealing with time, a principle-centered person thinks in terms of effectiveness in dealing with people. There are times when principle-centered Quadrant II living requires the subordination of schedules to people. Your tool needs to reflect that value, to facilitate implementation rather than create guilt when a schedule is not followed.

FLEXIBILITY. Your planning tool should be your servant, never your master. Since it has to work for you, it should be tailored to your style, your needs, your particular ways.

PORTABILITY. Your tool should also be portable, so that you carry it with you most of the time. You may want to review your personal mission statement while riding the bus. If your organizer is portable, you will keep it with you so that important data is always within reach.”

Personal comments:

As a human resource guy, I’ve focused on PEOPLE DIMENSION, the most rewarding part of my work.

For those who experience rewards in other aspects of work there needs to be a strong effort to ensure the use of the PEOPLE DIMENSION tool. My experience found this dimension sorely lacking in management types. The results were obvious; lower trust, lower productivity, less communication, more finger pointing, more CYA…

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