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This will be my last post concerning Quadrant II, and Habit 3. We need to move on to new “fertile” ground.

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“Quadrant II organizing involves four key activities.

IDENTIFYING ROLES. The first task is to write down your key roles. If you haven’t really given seriously thought to the roles in your life, you can write down what immediately comes to mind (family member, work, church, community affairs, etc.).

You don’t need to worry about defining the roles in a way that you will live with for the rest of your life—just consider the week and write down the areas you see your self spending time in during seven days.

SELECTING GOALS. The next step is to think of two or three important results you feel you should accomplish in each role during the next seven days.

SCHEDULING. Now you can look at the week ahead with your goals in mind and schedule time to achieve them (blocks of time).

DAILY ADAPTING. With Quadrant II weekly organizing, daily planning becomes more a function of daily adapting, of prioritizing activities and responding to unanticipated events, relationships, and experiences in a meaningful way.

Taking a few minutes each morning to review your schedule can put you in touch with the value-based decisions you made as you organized the week as well as unanticipated factors that may have come up.

Personal comments:

Covey has much more to say about Quadrant II self-managing so, if interested, the book is still available.

Quadrant II organizing is a fundamental need for helping a leader understand the people dimension which in turn, if understood, increases the potential for growth, success, happiness, and TRUST. How many people, in your daily interactions, do you trust? Most of us would say that, at one time, we had a high level of trust, but not now.

Covey says to, “think of two or three important results in each role we play”, but my feeling is quality is much more important than numbers. A high quality goal is better than 2, 3, or 4 lower quality goals.

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