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“It’s a principle that all things are created twice, but not all first creations are by conscious design. In our personal lives, if we do not develop our own self-awareness and become responsible for first creations we empower other people and circumstances outside our Circle of Influence to shape much of our lives by default. We reactively live the scripts handed to us by family, associates, other people’s agendas, the pressures of circumstance—scripts from our earlier years, from our training, our conditioning.

These scripts come from people, not principles. And they rise out of our deep vulnerabilities, our deep dependency on others and our needs for acceptance and love, for belonging, for a sense of importance and worth, for a feeling that we matter.

Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we are in control of it or not, there is a first creation to very part of our lives. We are either the second creation of our own proactive design, or we are the second creation of other people’s agendas, of circumstances, or of past habits.

The unique human capacities of self-awareness, imagination, and conscience enable us to examine first creations and make it possible for us to take charge of our own first creation, to write our own script. Put another way, Habit 1 says, ‘You are the creator.’ Habit 2 is the first creation.”

Personal comments:

Learning your purpose in life is a Heart sensation, not of the brain. Before I discovered my purpose in life, I too was reactively living scripts from family members (e.g., “You are going to college, and you will be a lawyer”). I discovered my purpose during the 2+ years in the military. I know it is my life’s purpose because when I talk about it I feel energy, passion, and desire, in my heart, not my head. Discovering one’s purpose develops your first creation, and enables us to write our own script.
Habit 2 Begin With The End In Mind,
Principles Of Personal Leadership,
Leadership And Management—The Two Creations

Author: maxbinkley

Creator of Leadership to the Max My experience in the military helped set the career path for me in human resources. After the military I worked for The Dow Chemical Company and left there in 1993 to venture out on my own. I purchased a small business, then a franchise then started another business in semi-retirement.

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