Habit 2, Begin With The End In Mind, Principles Of Personal Leadership, Using Your Whole Brain

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“Our self-awareness empowers us to examine our own thoughts. This is particularly helpful in creating a personal mission statement because the two unique human endowments that enable us to practice Habit 2—imagination and conscience—are primarily functions of the right side of the brain. Understanding how to tap into that right brain capacity greatly increase our first creation ability.

A great deal of research has been conducted for decades on what has come to be called brain dominance theory. The findings basically indicate that each hemisphere of the brain—left and right—tends to specialize in and preside over different functions, process different kinds of information, and deal with different kinds of problems.

Essentially, the left hemisphere is the more logical/verbal one and the right hemisphere the more intuitive, creative one. The left deals with words, the right with pictures; the left with parts and specifics, the right with wholes and the relation between the parts. The left deals with analysis, which means to break apart; the right with synthesis, which means to put together. The left deals with sequential thinking; the right with simultaneous and holistic thinking. The left is time bound; the right is time free.

Although people use both sides of the brain, one side or the other generally tends to be dominant in each individual. Of course, the ideal would be to cultivate and develop the ability to have good crossover between both sides of the brain so that a person could first sense what the situation called for and then use the appropriate tool to deal with it. But people tend to stay in their ‘comfort zone’ of their dominant hemisphere and process every situation according to either a right or left brain preference.

We live in a primarily left brain—dominant world, where words and measurement and logic are enthroned, and the more creative, intuitive, sensing, artistic aspect of our nature is often subordinated. Many of us find it more difficult to tap into our right brain capacity.

As we become aware of its different capacities (our brain), we can consciously use our minds to meet specific needs in more effective ways.

If we use the brain dominance theory as a model, it becomes evident that the quality of our first creation is significantly impacted by our ability to use our creative right brain. The more we are able to draw upon our right brain capacity the more fully we will be able to visualize, to synthesize, to transcend time and present circumstances, to project a holistic picture of what we want to do and to be in life.”

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Covey goes into more detail on how to develop personal, family, and organizational mission statements, but this will be my last posting on the subject. We’ve already discussed this topic in two previous posts of August 6 and 13.

On the subject of left/right brain dominance; being right-brain dominant I find the world of left-brain dominant managers to be too logical, too wordy, too much sequential thinking, and not enough creativity, intuition, and sensing. Unless they can develop both left/right thinking it will be difficult for them to become leaders, as I define them.

“Leaders are like eagles; they don’t flock; you find them one at a time”

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