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“Principles always have natural consequences attached to them. There are positive consequences when we live in harmony with the principles. There are negative consequences when we ignore them. But because these principles apply to everyone, whether or not they are aware, this limitation is universal. And the more we know of correct principles, the greater is our personal freedom to act wisely.

By centering our lives on timeless, unchanging principles, we create a fundamental paradigm of effective living. It is the center that puts all other centers in perspective.

Remember that your paradigm is the source from which your attitudes and behaviors flow. A paradigm is like a pair of glasses; it affects the way you see everything in your life. If you look at things through the paradigm of correct principles, what you see in life is dramatically different from what you see through any other centered paradigm.”

Personal comments:

The behavior at the meeting I discussed in my last post prompted me to write members of these two boards, including the county administrator. Un-principled behavior needs some “light shown on it”. Here is part of what I wrote:

‘The meeting can also be described as petty. Petty because of the political posturing (i.e., berating of a county commissioner over the use of a swear word, and berating previous Parks Directors for their “errors”). Pointing fingers doesn’t help, and explains why the county has so many problems. Instead of discussing important issues, and solving problems, some commissioners seem more interested in getting their “kicks” out of picking on others.

Petty because there was only one mention of county employees in that they are experiencing low morale, and frustration. The comment was quickly ignored so more pettiness could continue. County employees work hard for the citizens, and instead of praise and support they are overlooked, ignored, and sometimes verbally abused. That is a travesty!

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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