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Principles of Personal Vision
The Social Mirror

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“If the only vision we have of ourselves comes from the social mirror—from the current social paradigm and from the opinions, perceptions, and paradigms of the people around us—our view of ourselves is like the refection in the crazy mirror room at the carnival.

These visions are disjointed and out of proportion. They are often more projections than reflections, projecting the concerns and character weaknesses of people giving the input rather than accurately reflecting what we are.

The reflection of the current social paradigm tells us we are largely determined by conditioning and conditions. While we have acknowledged the tremendous power of conditioning in our lives, to say that we determined by it, that we have no control over that influence, creates quite a different map.

There are actually three social maps to explain the nature of man. Genetic determinism basically says your grandparents did it to you. That’s why you have such a terrible temper.

Psychic determinism basically says your parents did it to you.

Environmental determinism basically says your boss is doing it to you—or your spouse, or that bratty teenager, or your economic situation, or national policies.

Each of these maps is based on the stimulus/response theory we most often think of in connection with Pavlov’s experiment with dogs. The basic idea is that we are conditioned to respond in a particular way to a particular stimulus.

How accurately and functionally do these deterministic maps describe the territory? How clearly do these mirrors reflect the true nature of man? Do they become self-fulfilling prophecies? Are they based on principles we can validate within ourselves?”

Personal comments:

Answers to these questions will appear next week. In the meantime, opinions of others are typically based on their behavior, and to say, ‘they are OFTEN more projections than reflections, projecting the character weaknesses of those giving the input’, is an overstatement. Those who ‘read/understand’ behaviors quickly are usually spot-on.

Also, those who ‘project’ poorly about others, I feel, have personal agendas unrelated to those they are criticizing, and have a NEED that has to be ‘satisfied’ (dislike, immaturity, lack of self-esteem, self-absorbed, etc.)

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Principles Of Personal Vision

Between Stimulus And Response

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