Habit 1 Be Proactive Principles Of Personal Vision, Expanding The Circle Of Influence

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“It is inspiring to realize that in choosing our response to circumstance, we powerfully affect our circumstance. When we change one part of the chemical formula, we change the nature of the results.

It’s the nature of reactive people to absolve themselves of responsibility. It’s so much safer to say, ‘I am not responsible.’ If I say ‘I am responsible’, I might have to say, ‘I am irresponsible.’ It would be very hard for me to say that I have the power to choose my response and that the response I have chosen has resulted in my involvement in a negative, collusive environment, especially if for years I have absolved myself of responsibility for results in the name of someone else’s weaknesses.

There are some people who interpret ‘proactive’ to mean pushy, aggressive, or insensitive; but that isn’t the case at all. Proactive people aren’t pushy. They’re smart, they’re value driven, they read reality, and they know what’s needed.”

Personal comments:

We know that change is difficult for many so a Proactive person must find ways to work with these types, if possible. I’ve learned it’s not always possible, and that’s one reason why human resource types become “robots” to the world they work in.

Rank (position in the organization) also plays a big role. If the CEO/owner buys into the idea the required changes become much easier.

I’ve watched some who tried to make changes, and gave up out of fear of reprisals, up to and including potential loss of job.

There are those of us who believe principles and values should be our guide, not “going along to get along”. Going along to get along won’t accomplish much, and results in lower morale, productivity, and sense of worth.

Habit 1 Be Proactive
Principles Of Personal Vision

The “Have’s” And The “Be’s”

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