“Even Eagles Need A Push”, author quotes, continued

Chapter 6 Seriously, What Do You Want? A New Vision

Author quotes from Chapter 6:

“You have now established a worthy purpose—what you want to contribute to the world. The ground is now ready for you to plant the seeds of a new vision, one that will bear only the finest of fruit. It is time to focus on what you want, to turn your dreams into goals so that you are truly able to spend your life in your own way.

Most important, a new vision frees you from the limitations of the past and opens you up to fresh possibilities for your life. It is your taking a stand against the self-doubt and limiting thought whose primary intention is to prevent you from breaking through.

What many people fail to grasp is how the ‘Principle of Contribution’ works. Their lives are so consumed with getting rather than giving that they just survive in a world of abundance. They get little because they give little.

I hope you will now allow this principle to work for you, for you have gained the knowledge that reward follow service, and so you are free to serve well. By remaining faithful to the principle, you will be astonished by what eventually comes your way, for is impartial—it plays no favorites. It does not value one contribution over another or prefer one reward over another. Eventually you will discover, like so many others, its generosity, for you will receive far in excess of what you have given.

Personal comments:

There are so many personal stories to tell I do not know where to begin. In other words I’ve witnessed the “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. It is amazing to me to see the lengths some will go to for personal gain, over service. I worked with one CEO who belittled his employees, and others, seeking more and more personal gain, but was miserable in his life.

I’ve witnessed others who practiced the ‘Principle of Contribution’, and did receive its generosity, and most important led a contented life full of love, respect and satisfaction.

Please view this video of an Olivet football team to learn how they practiced the ‘Principle of Contribution’ and how it affected their lives:

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