“Even Eagles Need A Push”, author quotes, continued

Chapter 3 Why You Are Here, The Power Of Purpose

Author quotes from Chapter 3:

“Our world has been profoundly influenced by the thought, beliefs, and actions of all its past and present inhabitants. History is created not only by those whose names are revered and celebrated, but also by the infamous and unknown. All who have lived have carved, in some way, their own special niche.

But nothing will have a more positive effect on your level of accomplishment, fulfillment, and happiness than the belief and understanding that you do bring to humanity something special that no one else can offer. The most important thought that you can ever hold is: Your life matters.

We were born, I believe, to be ‘thoroughly used up’ when we die. That is not to say that we exhaust ourselves, frantically filling our day with meaningless activities. Rather, it means understanding that we were created to fulfill a purpose and it is that purpose that empowers, inspires, and gives meaning to our lives.

There are many more people who are relatively unknown, but who share with honored and admired figures a deep sense of purpose. They are homemakers, artists, businesspeople, schoolteachers, and volunteers; you find them in every walk of life. Their common, priceless legacy is that because of them the world is a better place.

For what purpose were you created?

In the final analysis, this is a question that only you can answer; no one else can give you a sense of purpose. But understand that it is a sense. More than a rational conclusion, it is instinctive and intuitive. The answer to whether there is a purpose for your life requires searching beyond your mind into your heart and soul.

Clearly, what distinguishes truly successful people is that they are contributors. They are in love with life and all the possibilities of what it means to be human. Their accomplishments, their successes, are rooted on their desire to grow and be of service to humanity.

Grasp fully this fundamental principle, apply it to your work, and you will have little concern over money again. Apply it to your personal and professional relationships, and you will be overwhelmed with the love, admiration, and respect you receive from others.

Having a purpose for one’s life is not a panacea for happiness or perpetual good feelings. It is, however, the fundamental answer to what makes living worthwhile, no matter how grave the challenges.

The power of purpose can certainly bring you fame and fortune. The real treasure, however, lies much more in how it enriches your life. The power of you purpose will help you access the only power that really matters: the confidence to move forward, to risk, to live the life you imagine for yourself with the security, that no matter the obstacles along the way, you know you can handle. It is a power that emanates from the deepest part of you, and there is not a human being alive within whom this power does not exist.”

Personal comments:

Through the years I’ve had conversations with, and letters, cards, and emails from those thanking me for helping them, or a friend. I cherish them all, and here is one I remember often:

During one of my HR assignments there was a worker who had anger problems, abusing and threatening fellow workers. It got so bad that, in order to keep his job, he was ordered to participate in counseling to help him understand his anger. He wasn’t happy about it, and threatened me. He did attend counseling, and one day he showed up in my office, and closed the door behind him. I stayed seated not knowing what to expect. He walked over to my desk, stuck out his hand, and thanked me for making him attend counseling, and that it had changed his life. After a deep breath, I stood up, shook his hand, and made some comment about how happy I was for him. When I moved on to another assignment he was still working at the plant with no behavior problems.

Author: maxbinkley

Creator of Leadership to the Max My experience in the military helped set the career path for me in human resources. After the military I worked for The Dow Chemical Company and left there in 1993 to venture out on my own. I purchased a small business, then a franchise then started another business in semi-retirement.

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