“Even Eagles Need A Push” final post

This will be the last post from “Even Eagles Need A Push”, and the last post until the first week in December where I’ll begin quoting important points from another author.

Chapter 7 Taking Charge Of Your Thoughts, Attitude

Author quotes from Chapter 7:

“You have now placed your self in a special and rare category of people. It is the uncommon person who knows not only what he or she wants fro life, but also what he or she has to offer and contribute to it.

Despite all the good work we have done so far, it would be folly to believe that we can control everything that happens in our lives. Much of the pain and frustration we experience is the result of resistance to that which is not only out of control but also what we feel is unfair or should not happen to us. If we can replace this resistance with acceptance, stop judging and start learning from the unpredictable events of our lives, we begin to discover another key to happiness. Continue reading ““Even Eagles Need A Push” final post”