“Praise and Recognition” personal stories

Please review my 3-part posting to increase your understanding of this topic:

This is a difficult area for most managers to comprehend the importance of. We’ve worked for bosses who were either stingy with praise and recognition or obnoxious about it. Why is that? Here are some reasons to consider: Continue reading ““Praise and Recognition” personal stories”

“Wisdom, Perception, Discipline, Commitment” personal stories

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I believe these are woven together since it takes all four of them to be an effective leader. Why? How can any of these be accomplished, successfully, without the other? As I said in my original posts, “It won’t take long before employees recognize something is missing in a leader’s relationship with them if one or more of these key attributes are not accepted, and practiced by their leader”. Continue reading ““Wisdom, Perception, Discipline, Commitment” personal stories”

“Respect” personal stories

There seems to be an epidemic of disrespect in our country, and I’ll tell a few of my experiences; some good examples, and some not-so-good examples. Remember the definition (Proper acceptance or courtesy; recognition of a person’s worth, personal quality, ability, trait), and take time to review my post on the subject. Continue reading ““Respect” personal stories”

“Effective Meetings” personal stories

In order for meetings to be effective the meeting facilitator needs to lead, by that I mean, someone who knows how to stay on task, and avoid allowing participants to “get off-track”. Please review my post concerning effective meetings before proceeding. Continue reading ““Effective Meetings” personal stories”

“A Leader’s Range of Decision-Making Options” personal stories

This is a short post concerning this subject since I can’t remember ever witnessing these options being discussed, or exhibited. The example I gave in the original post (“but if they come up with the wrong answer I have the right answer here in my pocket”) is the only example, as bad as it is, of any consideration for using these options. Continue reading ““A Leader’s Range of Decision-Making Options” personal stories”