“My Boss is Threatened by Me”

In my Human Resource career I’ve had instances where an employee would come to me, and tell me they felt their boss was threatened by them. It is a difficult concept to understand until behaviors of the boss are observed, and recorded (an important step in correcting the problem). I’m not talking about physical threats. Continue reading ““My Boss is Threatened by Me””

What’s All The Fuss? Does Character Really Count? Part Two of Two

Discussion continues:
“If truth is relative, it’s impossible to lie” –A quote from Gene Veith (World magazine) describing the current attitude toward truth of postmodern psychological theory. This “theory” believes that:
1. Truth is a construction since we can never know absolute truth. Individuals and cultures construct truths that work for them.
2. Truth is a matter of interpretation thereby incapable of any definite fixed meaning.
3. Truth is an exercise in power. Those who rule impose their constructions of reality on everyone else.
4. Truth is compartmentalized. In a given day and certainly over the course of a lifetime we play different roles and are thus actually different persons. Therefore human beings are free to have many identities, compartmentalizing them so they don’t impinge on each other.

By the way, Mr. Veith doesn’t believe this hogwash and neither do I! Truth does exist, and it’s past time to throw this “theory” out the window, and wake up to reality! More teamwork, and job satisfaction will be the result,

What’s All The Fuss? Does Character Really Count? Part One of Two

(Character, as defined in Webster’s dictionary, as the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person; moral or ethical quality; qualities of honesty, fortitude, integrity.) Continue reading “What’s All The Fuss? Does Character Really Count? Part One of Two”

Vision, Strategy, Decisiveness, Part Three, of Three

It’s important to point out that I’m assuming good intentions, and a well thought-out vision on the part of the leader. Any other purpose or agenda on the part of the leader does not fit into this process. If it’s the dark side of human nature then it is wrong and pursuit of the vision is wrong. Continue reading “Vision, Strategy, Decisiveness, Part Three, of Three”