Purpose and focus of Leadership to the Max blog

Attaining a leadership position requires intelligence, hard work, and luck, but unfortunately there is little thought given to the skills that are required to be a successful leader. Some even attain leadership positions through nefarious means. In my career I’ve had over fourteen bosses, and had one, only one, who I consider to be an effective leader. Why?:
• he wasn’t a yes man to upper management,
• he was a good teacher,
• supportive of me and other employees,
• shared his experiences, and lessons learned,
• covered/supported me when I made mistakes (and also reminded me not to do it again….),
• communicated well,
• he knew the frailty of leading (explained them, and taught effective ways to avoid them).
• was supportive of me with upper management because he knew that those who were unhappy oftentimes had ulterior motives…..

Due to the intricacies of leadership this blog will focus on it, and not management. Areas I will cover include, but not limited to:

• Trust,
• Communication,
• Expectations,
• Goals and goal setting,
• Purpose of job descriptions,
• Interpersonal skills,
• Leadership behaviors,
• Job Performance reviews,
• Employee support,
• Teamwork,
• Praise,
• Promotions,
• Fear of asking for ….,
• Celebration of victories,
• Job matching (skills, talent, enjoyment, passion),
• Two great forces in the world

This blog is intended for all levels of leadership, but my experience with business owners, CEO’s and/or directors is that they believe that none of this applies to them. A mistake since this is a top down process of understanding and applying effective leadership.